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ZHENG JIE ENTERPRISES LTD., founded in 1994, is a specialized maker of PTFE products, washers, gaskets, graphite and other parts, using only imported raw materials from Europe and the US, including PTFE, PEEK, DELRIN, PTFE, high temperature graphite.

1.PTFE gaskets for hydro-pneumatic machinery, cars and motorcycles, mechanical seals, etc.
2.PTFE seals for pumps, valves, water meters, pipes, water purifiers, plumbing hardware and other products.
3.PTFE and assorted engineering plastic seal components- semiconductor manufacturing supplies and custom parts.

Our products are widely applied in medicine, chemistry, home appliances, electronics, power supply systems, sports equipment, auto/motorcycle, hydro-pneumatic, and packaging products.

To increase product competitiveness, we have spared no expense to invest in upgrading manufacturing equipment with automated production to improve product quality and reduce costs; while all our workers engage in strict quality control to prevent faulty products from being delivered to customers. Always doing our best to provide outstanding service and high quality products, inquiries of OEM/ODM are welcome!

Year Established:1994

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